Depression Between the instinct of life that dies and the instinct of death that comes to life, depression sets in. A downward spiral… Depression is a mental illness that affects the way we feel, think and act. It is the state of a person who is unable to control his or her sad mood. He […]


Trauma “Each man in his psychic complexity is a masterpiece.” ~ Joyce McDougall And is unique in his behavior A subjective emotional experience Trauma hits an individual’s psyche when he or she feels that his or her life is threatened. Any danger that causes a feeling of fear and powerlessness, of isolation and of being […]


Anxiety psychotherapy is available to help optimize the feeling of security and better manage anxiety on a daily basis Anxiety is an emotion that manifests itself in relation to a perceived threat, and thus provokes a behavior that seeks to escape from this uncomfortable situation and avoid its daunting confrontation. It is one of the […]