Therapeutic Approach

  • Graduated as a psychologist (2000) and licensed as a psychotherapist in Quebec (60204-12) since 2012, my principal practice approach is Psychodynamic. I am a psychotherapist certified in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) as well.
  • The psychodynamic modality is an approach of introspection and self-knowledge aimed at the proper regulation and resolution of intra-psychic conflicts. It is an approach that is done in the short and medium term, often at the rate of one meeting per week and the therapy focuses on one or more central problems of the person. This approach focuses mainly on personal dynamics, more specifically the ways in which emotions, impulses and defense mechanisms can affect our behavior in relational contexts and are part of a repetition of typical relational patterns (central conflict).
  • Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is an experiential, body-mind psychotherapeutic modality. It integrates a number of different psychological theories and techniques, It also incorporates body-mind theory, which includes body awareness and movement, and breathing techniques borrowed from various yogic, Eastern meditative, and spiritual practices. IBP is a comprehensive, continuously evolving body-mind psychotherapeutic model . 

My Quest

I have always tried to evolve, to become a better version of myself days after day. This quest has been reflected in my studies, but also in my choice to immigrate to Quebec and to undergo a few years back a yoga teacher training program. During these adventures, my desire to help people remained at the heart of my decisions and led me to choose the psycho-corporal approach. My professional experiences made me grow a lot as a therapist, but especially as a human being. I have learned to respect the body and the mind, which each has its own rhythm. Over time, I could say that I have learned to tame myself.


Trained in psychology, I have been working as a clinical psychotherapist for over 15 years.·

  • Member, administrator and president of the Association of Psychotherapists in Quebec·
  • Licensed in Psychotherapy by Order of Psychologists of Quebec·
  • MA (DESS) from the National School of Public Administration of Quebec

Over the years, I have worked with a large clientele with varied issues: grief and life transitions, burnout, relationship difficulties and stress management, PTSD, anxiety and depression. In my practice, I have been able to work with different professional backgrounds. From private offices to community organizations and specialized clinics, I have also gained experience in working with clients with mental health and addiction issues.