Quelques réflexions conscientes

One "do-me-good" action!


Intentions are only intentions until we turn them into actions!

And Change starts with a simple first step!

 so why not take it now ?!


Choose One, 

only One “do-me-good” intention and put it into an action. 

It could be a habit you always want to acquire or to get rid of, 

or may be a simple action in the daily routine, 

or may be a practice you want to install!

Or may be a gentle word or action towards someone - and yourself.  


Choose one, write it and put it in a place where we can constantly see it to use that as a reminder. Be mindful in applying it with the smallest details.  


Share it with a person that can help you remember it. Sharing it makes it more accessible and more realistic and feel free also to share it here.